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The Willow Center started as an idea in the heart of our founder, Erin Wiley, back in 2006 when she first dreamt of earning a Master’s Degree to become a Licensed Clinical Counselor.

Having benefited from therapy herself, she envisioned what it could look like to be able to help others as much as she had been helped by her own therapist. In 2008, once both of her sons were in elementary school, she entered the Mental Health Counseling program at BGSU. During her studies she imagined opening a Toledo-area private practice that would serve the community with the highest-quality counseling services around, helping individuals, couples and families; kids, teens and adults. Erin began her clinical work with clients in 2011, and after five years of clinical experience she opened The Willow Center.

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Erin Wiley, MA, LPCC

The Willow Center started out as a single room office - with no waiting room and only one employee - and has grown to the largest practice in town. Now with 37 therapy offices in three locations and over 45 therapists, interns, psychiatrists, staff, and administrative assistants. The Willow Center has won Toledo City Paper’s “Best of Toledo” award the last seven years in a row, so they can confidently call themselves the best counseling practice in town.

Best Counseling Practice in Toledo

In the “Best of Toledo” contests sponsored by Toledo City Paper, The Willow Center was named “Best Counseling Practice” in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. 7 years in a row!

The Willow Center continues to meet the counseling needs of the people and families of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan including Waterville, Maumee, Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Oregon and Toledo.

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The Willow Center offers counseling and psychiatric services for individuals, couples, & families; teens, children and adults.

At The Willow Center, our team comprises dedicated therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and behavioral specialists, all viewing their roles as more than just a profession. Engage with any of our staff, and you'll encounter professionals committed to providing essential counseling and psychiatric services, recognizing the profound impact on the well-being of individuals and our community. We believe in the lasting influence of our work, understanding that healing families, adults, teens, kids, couples, and individuals contributes to meaningful changes that resonate for generations. For us, the provision of counseling and psychiatric services at Willow is not merely a job—it's Our Calling, driving us to make a positive impact every day.

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