Depression Counseling and Therapy Services

Counseling Services For Depression

If you are in crisis, please reach out by calling the National Mental Crisis Hotline. Dial 988 to talk to someone who cares and can help.

At the Willow Center, we understand how overwhelming and isolating it can be to live with depression. Feeling sad, angry, or hopeless, experiencing sleep disturbances, and/or a loss of pleasure in activities you previously enjoyed can feel soul crushing. You are not alone. The good news, is depression is highly treatable when you work with a great therapist. Therapy offers a safe, structured, and supportive environment to address the underlying thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that may contribute to how you’re feeling.  Through evidence-based techniques, a therapist can help you develop coping strategies, challenge disordered thought patterns, and cultivate healthier behaviors to help you understand and better manage your symptoms.

Schedule an appointment to work toward finding happiness and joy in your life. You deserve to feel joy again.

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Therapy Services For Depression