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Our supervisory team boasts over 100 years of clinical experience. With the most highly trained clinical therapists in Northwest Ohio, we partner with you to find solutions for life’s most difficult challenges.

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  • Anne Blunk
    MSW, LSW
    Anne’s clients describe her as a great listener who is trustworthy, compassionate, engaging, and empowering.
    Her therapy style is authentic, relaxed, validating, and growth-oriented. She believes when someone feels safe, heard, and understood, true change can happen.
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  • MacKenzie Combs
    MacKenzie’s clients describe her as empowering, empathetic, engaging, and enthusiastic.
    MacKenzie’s therapy style is holistic, individualized, collaborative, supportive, authentic, and research based.
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  • Jarrod Cunningham
    MA, LPC
    His clients describe him as understanding, relatable, humorous, insightful, and perceptive.
    Jarrod’s therapy style is centered around the client, solution-focused, direct, warm, and empowering.
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  • Stephanie Doran
    Clients describe Stephanie as engaging, open, encouraging and nerdy in a fun way.
    Stephanie’s therapy style is a client-centered, brain-based healing approach that is empowering and goal-directed.
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  • Therapist Willow Center
    Tom Duvall
    His clients describe him as... easy-going, motivational, understanding, and creative.
    Tom's therapy style is goal oriented, humorous, empowering, and research-based.
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  • Lisa Foster
    Her therapy clients describe Lisa as compassionate, calming, insightful, relatable, supportive, and encouraging.
    Lisa’s therapy style is affirming, creative, insight-oriented, informational, skill-building, and research-based.
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  • Therapist Toledo Ohio Willow Center
    Karen Fritts
    Her clients describe Karen as empathic, genuine, positive, supportive, and empowering.
    Karen's therapy style is client-centered, holistic, compassionate, and is focused on building skills and capitalizing on strengths.
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  • Kristy Garcia MA, LPCC
    Kristy Garcia
    MA, LPCC-S
    Her therapy clients describe Kristy as supportive, fun, easy to talk to, empowering, and positive.
    Kristy’s therapy style is open, direct, engaging, caring, upbeat, and motivating.
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  • Rachel Hartman
    MSW, LSW
    Rachel’s therapy clients describe her as empathetic, accepting, motivating, humorous and compassionate.
    Her therapy style is person-centered, motivational, relaxed and supportive.
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  • Therapist Willow Center
    Meredith Kelch
    MA, LPCC
    Her therapy clients describe Meredith as kind, empathetic, trustworthy, focused, insightful and funny.
    Meredith’s therapy style is realistic, non-judgmental, positive, humorous, action-based and solution-focused.
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  • Jacob Legge
    MSW, LSW
    Clients have described Jacob as down to earth, a great listener, insightful, and easy to talk to.
    Jacob describes his therapy style as at the clients pace, solution focused, conversational, and empowering.
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  • Paris Mayfield
    MS, LPC
    Her clients describe her as supportive, understanding, empathetic and approachable.
    Paris’ therapy style is client-focused, compassionate and humorous, with a focus on skill building.
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  • Gabe McMillan
    MA, LPC
    His clients describe him as insightful, attentive, sincere, warm, and consistent.
    Gabe's therapy style is client-centered, empathetic, collaborative, and goal-oriented.
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  • Katie Molina
    MSW, LSW
    Katie’s clients describe her as thoughtful, honest, and empowering.
    Clients say they feel the care she puts into her time spent with them.
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  • Lindsey Payne
    MA, LPC
    Her therapy clients describe Lindsey as engaging, authentic, empowering, humorous and empathetic.
    Lindsey’s therapy style is creative, compassionate, motivational, goal-oriented, non-judgmental, forthright and supportive.
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  • Christine Peters
    MSW, LSW
    Her client’s describe her as approachable, supportive, encouraging and relatable.
    Christine’s therapy style is collaborative, personalized, motivational and solutions based.
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  • Annika Schempf
    MA, LPC
    Annika’s therapy clients describe her as supportive, empathetic, easy to talk to, empowering, and positive.
    Annika’s therapy style is open, direct, caring, motivating, goal-oriented and solution-focused.
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  • Liza Simrell
    MA, LPCC-S
    Her therapy clients describe Liza as realistic, laid back, practical, understanding and positive.
    Liza’s therapy style is realistic, positive, research-based, understanding, and action oriented.
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  • Counselor Toledo Ohio
    Christy Snyder
    Her therapy clients describe Christy as easy to talk to, empathetic, challenging and motivating.
    Christy’s therapy style authentic, motivating, and personalized. 
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  • Counselor Toledo Ohio Willow Center
    Joy Stocker
    MA, LPC
    Her therapy clients describe her as warm, understanding, compassionate, a great listener and relatable.
    Joy’s therapy style is solution-focused, realistic, sincere, validating, and research-based.
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  • Zennie Sullivan
    MA, LPC
    Zennie’s clients describe him as caring, compassionate, engaging, and relatable.
    His therapy style is client-centered and solution focused with a special emphasis on helping each person find and become the best version of themselves.
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  • Jason Torof
    MS, LPCC
    His clients describe him as kind, gentle, supportive, understanding, and motivational.
    Jason’s therapy style is goal oriented, client centered, humorous, and authentic.
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  • Erin Wiley Therapist Marriage Counseling Toledo Ohio
    Erin Wiley
    MA, LPCC
    Her therapy clients describe Erin as friendly, upbeat, motivational, supportive, and a strategic & creative problem solver.
    Erin’s therapy style is energetic, caring, solution-focused, straightforward, and research-based.
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