Let’s Stop Bullying

Amanda Guitteau-WeinerWillow Wisdom

It’s that time of year again everyone… back to school! This means that there are likely a million different exciting things running through a child’s mind such as “I need to go school supply shopping!” or “Who will be in my classes this year?” and “I can’t wait to see my friends!” There may however, also be some less than … Read More

Coping Strategies: Healthy Versus Unhealthy

Amanda Guitteau-WeinerWillow Wisdom

Toledo Counseling Practice The Willow Center

When an individual encounters the feeling of stress or experiences difficulties with their emotions, it can be essential that they utilize a coping mechanism to help counteract it. A coping mechanism (or a coping skill) is a technique many counselors/therapists suggest to clients as a way of reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, etc.  Coping skills are often utilized … Read More