Authentic Communication in Your Significant Relationships

Ellen Larabee, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Toledo Counseling Practice The Willow Center

Hollywood movies often show “love” as a game with secret manuvers and manipulations and a clear winner and loser.  You must always stay a minimum of two steps ahead of the object of your desire and keep your emotions hidden from view.  Here’s a revolutionary idea: your chances of getting your needs met increase exponentially when you tell the other … Read More

Change—It’s Not For Sissies

Ellen Larabee, LPCCWillow Wisdom

I’ve changed. “But you’re old!” I hear you say.  To which I say, “I haven’t stopped learning or interacting with people and as long as I am capable of it, I will continue to do so and continue to change.”  But for whatever reason, people don’t like change and they particularly don’t like change to appear in their own back … Read More

The Joy of Choosing Happiness

Ellen Larabee, LPCCWillow Wisdom

The Joy of Choosing Happiness…                                Many of the emotions we experience as human beings are “made” as if an individual has no control or options about it.  You know, “You make me so happy!”  Or more frequently, “You make me so mad!”  It’s a misconception that is detrimental to anyone who seeks to have control over his or her own … Read More