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BE YOU!!!!!!

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

What stops you from being who YOU are? Is it societal pressure? Is it a lack of confidence in yourself? Is it someone you love holding you back? There are many reasons people choose not to fully be who they …

Dealing with a loved one with Mental Illness

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

Is there someone in your life who you love and care about going through a mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, etc)? Does it feel like you are living it with them? Are you lost on how to approach/cope with …

Performance Anxiety

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

Performance anxiety: Whether you are an athlete, actor, musician, comedian or anyone who is giving a performance there is a level of anxiety/nervousness to be had before and during your performance. Some people experience a level of anxiety about their …