BE YOU!!!!!!

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

Toledo Counseling Practice The Willow Center

What stops you from being who YOU are? Is it societal pressure? Is it a lack of confidence in yourself? Is it someone you love holding you back? There are many reasons people choose not to fully be who they are. Sometimes it is just growing up and not knowing what you want. Sometimes it is feeling pressure to conform … Read More

Dealing with a loved one with Mental Illness

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

Is there someone in your life who you love and care about going through a mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, etc)? Does it feel like you are living it with them? Are you lost on how to approach/cope with this relationship? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the following suggestions can help you to cope with … Read More

Performance Anxiety

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

Performance anxiety: Whether you are an athlete, actor, musician, comedian or anyone who is giving a performance there is a level of anxiety/nervousness to be had before and during your performance. Some people experience a level of anxiety about their performance that debilitates them from doing there best and sometimes even being able to perform. Nervousness/anxiety in small doses are … Read More