Put On Your Rose Colored Glasses

Marie Zanfardino, MA, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Toledo Counseling Practice The Willow Center

Yes Norman, there is power in positive thinking! Not only that, positivity begets positivity and negativity begets negativity.  You can spiral your mood up to the sun or down to the depths of darkness. There is power in thinking and you can develop a habit of thinking positively or negatively.  As it turns out, Norman Vincent Peale and his message that … Read More

5 Apps to Support Your Mental Health

Kate Bailin, MA, LPC, LSCWillow Wisdom

Toledo Counseling Practice The Willow Center

All too often, we hear about the negative effects of too much screen time on our health and well-being.  However, with moderation, there are many apps that can help monitor and support our mental health. After all, there seems to be an app for everything these days!  The following 5 apps have been “therapist tested and approved” and are great … Read More

Winning Arguments With Your Partner

Lisa Foster, LPCC-S, ATRWillow Wisdom

The Willow Center Toledo Counseling Center

It will probably come as no surprise that most of the couples I see for counseling struggle with how to handle conflict in a healthy way. Many engage in word warfare, attacking and defending against criticism and blame, until each retreats to tend to their emotional wounds. Or they find themselves repeating the same argument over and over, without ever … Read More

Utilizing Quality Time to Promote Attachment and Positive Behaviors

Erin Wiley, MA, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Youth often have little control in their lives. As their caregivers, we frequently tell them when to wake up, what to wear, what their schedule is for the day, what they are eating, when to go to bed, and so on and so forth. With so little control over their day-to-day lives, youth often push back and become defiant as … Read More

Dealing with a loved one with Mental Illness

Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

Is there someone in your life who you love and care about going through a mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, etc)? Does it feel like you are living it with them? Are you lost on how to approach/cope with this relationship? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the following suggestions can help you to cope with … Read More

Change—It’s Not For Sissies

Ellen Larabee, LPCCWillow Wisdom

I’ve changed. “But you’re old!” I hear you say.  To which I say, “I haven’t stopped learning or interacting with people and as long as I am capable of it, I will continue to do so and continue to change.”  But for whatever reason, people don’t like change and they particularly don’t like change to appear in their own back … Read More

Three tips to help loosen the grip of perfectionism

Erin Wiley, MA, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on a project that seems overwhelming? Worrying that you can’t do a good enough job, so you put off starting until the last minute, or just walk away from the challenge all together? Or maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum: when faced with a challenge you spend a disproportionately inordinate amount … Read More

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Marie Zanfardino, MA, LPCCWillow Wisdom

marriage counseling

Romeo and Juliet, Ellen and Portia, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, Ken and Barbie, Dick and Jane, Superman and Lois Lane and most of the couples that come to counseling say love has just about everything to do with their motivation to stay connected.  This is the month to celebrate the power of that thing that makes us laugh, cry, want to … Read More

Worried like, WHOA!

Kristy Garcia, MA, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Working in the counseling field for the past 8 years and in private practice the last 2 years I have found that a lot of people suffer from anxiety, without understanding what is going on. Quite a few of my clients have commented they did not realize the symptoms they were experiencing were in fact, anxiety. That’s why I have … Read More

Helping Your Child Talk About His Or Her School Day

Kate Bailin, MA, LPC, LSCWillow Wisdom

Parent: “So how was school today?” Child: “Fine.” Parent: “What did you do?” Child: “Nothing really.” Sound familiar? If you are tired of getting the same response when you ask your child about his or her day, try changing how you question your child AND how you respond. First, work on finding your child’s prime “talk time.” Maybe it is … Read More